Military History Lecture - The Application of Lessons Learned from Counter-Insurgency Operations, 1919-1939

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A lecture by Frederick Hogarth, Senior Visiting Fellow, Defence Academy of the United Kingdom.

During the inter-war years of 1919-1939, ‘air control’ inexpensively exerted benevolent discipline on tribesmen throughout much of the Middle East. It was particularly successful in Afghanistan and along the North-West Frontier of what is now Pakistan and always defeated insurgencies. In his lecture, Frederick Hogarth will reflect on why the descendants of those tribesmen in Afghanistan are now fighting against NATO, with pretty much the same weapons their ancestors bore, and are not being defeated. 

Frederick Hogarth has flown a variety of aircraft for the Royal Air Force including Dragoons, Austers, Harvards, Twin Pioneers and Shackletons. His counter-insurgency experience includes two years on operations in what is now the Republic of Yemen. He also served for a year in Borneo during the confrontation with Indonesia and commanded 120 Baluchi riflemen for five months in Oman. Until recently, he conducted research on counter-IED measures in Iraq and Afghanistan for the Advanced Research and Assessment Group at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom.

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