Military History Circle - The Great War: Myth and Memory

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Presentation by Dr. Dan Todman, Lecturer in Modern British History, Queen Mary, University of London.

Dr Dan Todman is lecturer in Modern British History, Queen Mary, University of London. He took his PhD at Pembroke College, Cambridge and has previously taught in the War Studies Department, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He co-edited the bestselling War Diaries 1939-45: Field Marshal Lord Alanbrooke (2000, with Alex Danchev) and Command and Control on the Western Front: The British Experience 1914-18 (2004, with Gary Sheffield). He has written on the death and mourning of Sir Douglas Haig, the battle of Vittorio Veneto and the organisation of GHQ on the Western Front 1914-18. His first single authored book, The Great War: Myth and Memory, was published in 2005 and has been shortlisted for the Times Higher Young Academic Author of the Year award. He continues to research on the representation of modern war, but is also writing a social, cultural and military history of Britain in the Second World War.

Dr Todman will examine the changes in British popular beliefs about the First World War from 1914 until the present day. He will highlight the shift from the complexity and variety of wartime experience to the small number of shared myths present today. He will point out the range of factors that have affected British beliefs, but will focus on the ways in which different generations of Britons have used myths about the war to understand the present.

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