Military History Circle: Aspects of the Algerian War, 1954-1962

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Dr Stephen J Weiss, a former Research Associate at the Centre for Defence Studies, is a Senior Visiting Research Fellow in the Department of War Studies.

Dr Stephen J Weiss holds two MA degrees, the first in Clinical Psychology from Goddard College, Vt., the second in War Studies from Kings College London. He was awarded his PhD. in War Studies from Kings in 1995. Prior to this, he worked as a licensed California clinical psychotherapist in Los Angeles. As a former photographer and music editor, he spent many years in American network broadcast television.

In his lectures, he brings his war experiences directly into the class room. Dr Weiss is doing research on and assessment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in a select group of World War Two Veterans. The Canadian landings in Normandy on D-Day is another project under investigation. As a teenager, Dr. Weiss served as a first scout in an American infantry rifle squad in Italy, France, and Germany. He landed on D-Day in Southern France. Listed as Missing In Action' in France, he served with the French Resistance and an OSS Operational Group behind enemy lines. For these exploits, he was awarded the French Resistance Medal, two Croix de Guerre, and the American Bronze Star. President Jacques Chirac of France presented him with the Legion of Honneur in 1999.

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