The Military Challenges and Opportunities for Cooperation in the Baltic Region

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An address by Lieutenant General Martin Herem, Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces, on the military challenges and opportunities for cooperation in the Baltic region.

In his current role, Lieutenant General Herem has been a strong advocate of regional military cooperation and shared capability development among Baltic states. He is also a proponent of the establishment of multinational capabilities that could be utilised in crises or war as part of the NATO deterrence and defence posture.

In his address, Lieutenant General Herem will offer his views on the military challenges in the Baltic, and the need for a regional approach to security and crisis management.

Lieutenant General Martin Herem was appointed Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces in 2018. During his distinguished career, he has served as Chief of Staff of the Estonian Defence Forces Headquarters, Head of the Estonian Military Academy, and Commander of North-Eastern Defence Command.

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