Members’ Lecture Robotics and the Future of Warfare

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The visions of futurists do not always match the experiences of military personnel, but the battlefields of the future have the potential to bear little resemblance to the war zones of today. In his lecture, Professor Colosimo will discuss how the rise of robotics has changed the landscape of warfare and our thinking about it.

Speaker Biography

Professor Nick Colosimo PgC BSc (Hons) CEng MIET FIKE joined BAE Systems (then British Aerospace) in 1990 as a technical trainee. Over the past twenty six years, a significant proportion of Nick’s career has been within a research and development engineering context where he has been instrumental in the selection, development and demonstration of a number of state-of-the-art technologies achieving company, UK and World firsts. He has worked on a wide range of projects including; Tornado, Harrier, Typhoon, F-35, Future Combat Air Systems, leading the development of the BAE Systems Surrogate Unmanned Air Vehicle (the Jetstream Flying Test Bed), leading a range of sensing and autonomous systems demonstrations and, more recently, a future mission systems programme that spawned a world leading augmented (or mixed) reality solution. Studying on a part-time basis he has acquired graduate qualifications in mechanical and production engineering, mechatronics, and applied physics and electronics (joint honours). He holds post graduate qualifications in computing and avionics. Within his current role, Nick has a number of responsibilities: as a futurist (examining and interpreting trends), disruptive technology expert, a systems integration expert and is a BAE Systems Global Engineering Fellow. He is a chartered engineer with the IET, a Fellow of the Institute of Innovation & Knowledge Exchange, and a Visiting Professor at Cranfield University.

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