Launch of the Building Stronger Societies Webinar Series: Restricting Foreign Acquisitions for the Sake of National Security

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To launch the Building Stronger Societies webinar series, Professor V. Sumantran, Chairman of Celeris Technologies and Elisabeth Braw, Senior Research Fellow in Modern Deterrence, RUSI, discuss the fast growing trend by a number of Western countries to impose restrictions on foreign acquisitions for the sake of national security.

In the past few months, an increasing number of Western countries - including Poland, Italy, Sweden and the UK - have announced new screening mechanisms for foreign takeovers of domestic companies. While governments traditionally screen takeovers of domestic defence firms, the new screening will be far more wide-reaching and include sectors that represent national security in the wider sense.

In this webinar, Professor V. Sumantran and Elisabeth Braw consider these new initiatives and assess the potential implications for defence and national security.

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