Iraq, Iran and the US: Economic trends in the wake of sanctions

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In association with the Iraq Britain Business Council, RUSI will host a panel discussion on the future of Iraq, its economic and political stability.

On 4 November US-led sanctions will once again target the Islamic Republic of Iran. With Iran as its foremost trading partner, there are potentially lasting consequences for the Iraqi economy. Meanwhile the political implications for Iraq are critical as the new President Barham Salih and Prime Minister designate Adil Abdul-Mahdi seek to plot a course for Iraq that stays clear of alienating the either Iran or US.

The panel will discuss Iraq’s economy, and business climate, while also looking at the wider political implications for Iraq in the Middle East region, and in its relations with Western States.

Speakers Include:

  • Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne
  • Renad Mansour, Chatham House
  • Shwan Zulal, Carduchi Consulting
  • Michael Stephens, RUSI (Chair)

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