Hybrid Threats in Europe: Lessons and Responses

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Over the past few years, Europe has seen an increase in the use of ‘hybrid tactics’ by regional competitors who undertake military and non-military activities with the aim of destabilising, undermining or altering the governance structures there. 

Europe is not alone in this respect, with hybrid tactics increasingly being employed in the Asia-Pacific region. The reality of non-warfare strategic competition being waged in Europe and Asia present the two regions with a new threat landscape and the need for a new set of policy responses. It is therefore a timely occasion to combine and assess the experiences of the two regions, and how it can best take preparatory measures against them.

This conference will seek define ‘hybrid threats’ and ‘hybrid warfare’, understand how it has been applied in a European and Asian context, and explore whether Europe’s lessons-learned and policy responses can be usefully applied to the Asia-Pacific context.

Speakers include:

Sir Malcolm Rifkind KCMG, Chairman, Security and Intelligence Committee, 2010-2015

Admiral (Retd) Tomohisa Takei, Distinguished International Fellow, US Naval War College


Tea & coffee wil be available from 0930 with the event starting at 1000 until 1630.

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