How Integrated are Foreign Affairs and Development in the UK Integrated Review?

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A conversation with The Rt. Hon. Douglas Alexander and The Rt. Hon. Rory Stewart on the outcomes of the UK Government’s recent Integrated Review.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Douglas Alexander and Rory Stewart deploy the experience they gained in their previously-held government positions to discuss what the United Kingdom’s Integrated Review means for the country’s foreign policy, ‘soft power’, and leadership in global development efforts.

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The Rt. Hon. Douglas Alexander is a RUSI Trustee and Senior Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center. He was UK Secretary of State for International Development from 2007 to 2010.

The Rt. Hon. Rory Stewart is a Senior Fellow at the Jackson Institute, Yale University. He served as UK Secretary of State for International Development in 2019, having previously been Minister of State for Africa, a joint ministerial position he held in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department for International

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