Global Connectivity or Stitching Up the World: How Should We Understand the Belt and Road

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China’s Belt and Road Initiative is Beijing’s dominant foreign policy narrative. But how should we understand it from a normative perspective from Beijing – is it about a community of shared destiny or is it rather an attempt to tie up international markets and restore China to a prominent role on the international stage? 

To examine the broader concept within the context of global connectivity, RUSI will host Dr Nadine Godehardt, Deputy Director Asia Programme, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, and RUSI Research Fellow Veerle Nouwens.

To preface the discussion both speakers will present the findings from recently completed papers looking at the Belt and Road, specifically on China’s global connectivity politics, and the Maritime Silk Road respectively. 

The discussion will be chaired by Raffaello Pantucci, Director, International Security Studies, RUSI.

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