Getting China Wrong

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A conversation with Professor Aaron Friedberg on his new book, Getting China Wrong, which explores why the US and its allies have failed to take the rise of China seriously.

More than three decades of trade and investment with the advanced Western democracies has left China far richer and stronger than it would otherwise have been. Growth and development have not caused China’s rulers to relax their grip on power, abandon their mercantilist economic policies, or accept the rules and norms of the existing international system. China today is more repressive at home, more aggressive abroad, and more obviously intent on establishing itself as the world’s preponderant power than at any time since the death of Chairman Mao.

Professor Friedberg will explore the assumptions underpinning the West’s engagement with China and discuss the strategy that China’s Communist Party rulers devised to exploit the West’s openness. He will also explain what democracies must do now if they wish to preserve their prosperity, protect their security, and defend their common values.

Professor Aaron Friedberg is Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University, and co-director of the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs' Center for International Security Studies.

Getting China Wrong is published by Polity in March 2022.

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