Germany Votes: The Next Five Years

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A Post-Elections Roundtable Discussion with Claudia Major and John Kampfner

Germany’s general elections this Sunday will not only decide the future of the country, but also the future course of the continent. It will take some time before the parties securing seats in the next Bundestag agree on a new coalition government. Yet in what has clearly been the most closely fought election in a generation, the initial results will provide a pointer to the way Germany is heading, and what this means for European and global security.

Hours after the final electoral results will be published, RUSI is pleased to host a roundtable discussion with Dr Claudia Major, Head of the International Security Division at the SWP (German Institute for International and Security Affairs) in Berlin and one of Germany’s foremost defence experts and security commentators, and John Kampfner, a distinguished writer and commentator, who was chief political correspondent at the Financial Times and editor of the New Statesman, and has just published a book entitled Why the Germans Do It Better.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Živilė Kulevičiūtė, Events Manager, at

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