From Business As Usual to Business Unusual – The Changing Shape of Information Operations

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A presentation by Sven Hughes, Founder, Verbalisation Ltd,  on the changes needed in the new era of information warfare.

The global defence community is grappling with the changing nature of influence. A new verbal battle space and rhythm now exists, both online and offline. Within this context, ‘weaponised words’ are as effective, if not more effective, than traditional diplomacy or kinetic activity. However, many of the personnel, skills and technologies needed to fight this new form of information warfare exist within the private sector and scientific community.

So how should the UK military respond? How does one provide a ‘fit for purpose’ national defence capability, without falling prey to an over-reliance on private sector providers? Is there a new and better way to pattern match capabilities to the new threats and realities? Having experienced both sides of the divide, as a reserve solider and as a commercial information operations supplier to governments and militaries, Sven Hughes will explore whether a new public-private partnership may be necessary to tread the line between national security and industry.

Sven Hughes is the Founder of Verbalisation Ltd, a company providing strategic communications advice to Prime Ministers, Presidents, Royal households, militaries and boardrooms. He is an acknowledged authority on using advanced verbalisation techniques to win the 'war of words' for his clients and is a regular international speaker on the future of strategic communications.

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