Exploring Connections: Corruption, Terrorism and Terrorist Financing

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A panel of experts discuss a recent RUSI Occasional Paper, exploring how corruption can enable terrorism and facilitate terrorist financing.

Corruption and terrorism do not only join forces in conflict-affected countries where criminal activities are likely to flourish. In any country where endemic corruption has made the country itself or its neighbours vulnerable to terrorist activities, terrorist organisations are ready to use it to finance and perpetrate their acts. Like criminals and those ready to take their bribes, terrorist organisations depend on the same legal grey areas and the porosity of the financial sector to channel their financing. As such, no country is totally immune.

In this webinar, panellists will discuss the manner in which corruption – for example, corrupt border security guards or the illegal exploitation of natural resources – can facilitate both terrorism and terrorist financing. They will also offer recommendations for policymakers to consider in order to advance efforts to not only raise awareness of, but also address the issues related to the intersection of corruption, terrorism and terrorist financing.

Panellists include:


The webinar is moderated by Tom Keatinge, Director, Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies, RUSI.

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