Enemy at the Gates: the growing challenge of external interference

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The third in the webinar series from RUSI, supported by AIG and Talbot.

In the growing friction between the West and strategic competitors such as China and Russia, businesses in our countries can no longer remain just bystanders. Businesses are indirectly affected as interference - in election processes, for instance - undermines trust in institutions and saps economic confidence. That undermining of trust can also come from sources closer to home. Either way, Western societies have become increasingly permeated with mis- and disinformation, largely through social media. The current pandemic has accelerated this trend and made it increasingly difficult to differentiate sources of interference.

Business concerns are also impacted more directly, as they become the targets of so-called ‘grey-zone’ activities such as cyber-attacks which, at the very least, disrupt their commercial strategies. And decreasing trust among certain groups of society in public information also has knock-on effects for corporations in key sectors of national economies.

How is the threat of external interference in Western societies evolving? How should companies assess and manage risk on the West’s invisible frontline with its strategic competitors?

Leading the conversation on these topics:

Elisabeth Braw, Resident Fellow, Foreign and Defense Policy, American Enterprise Institute

Dr Imogen Parsons, Acting Director Terrorism and Conflict
The event will be chaired by: Dr Neil Melvin, Director of International Security Studies, RUSI

Preparing for Conflict and Violence Seminar Series

To provide insight into these trends, AIG and Talbot have partnered with the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in a series of e-seminars.

Over three exclusive webinars RUSI experts discuss the way the risk of conflict and violence has been evolving, where and how it might develop further, and what businesses can do to prepare.

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