Down and Out in Pyongyang and London

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This event examined how North Korea’s coal smuggling networks use UK companies 

Project SANDSTONE’s latest investigation, conducted in conjunction with The Times, revealed how North Korea’s coal smuggling networks continued to use UK registered companies to evade UN sanctions imposed on the country following its nuclear and ballistic missile tests throughout 2016 and 2017. 

This event detailed how these networks used UK registered entities to evade sanctions and reflect on the vulnerabilities of the UK’s corporate registry and how these may be mitigated.  


James Byrne, Research Fellow, RUSI
James  is a Research Fellow at RUSI’s Proliferation and Nuclear Policy programme. His research interests include North Korea’s illicit shipping and procurement networks, open-source intelligence and analysis. He previously worked for the South Korean government.

Lucy Fisher, Defence Correspondent, The Times
Lucy is the defence correspondent for The Times having previously been the title’s chief political correspondent.

Helena Wood, Associate Fellow RUSI
Now working as an independent consultant on criminal justice matters, Helena has over a decade of public sector and law enforcement experience, with a particular focus on proceeds of crime and international law enforcement cooperation.

To read the latest Project SANDSTONE report, click here.

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