Defence Science and Technology: An Audit

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From the US Third Offset Strategy through to last year’s UK policy refresh relating to defence science and technology, this is a complex and highly contested area of UK defence management, with significant capability and capacity residing in the private, educational and charitable sectors. Within the context of the Modernising Defence Programme and initiatives such as the government’s emerging Combat Air Strategy, Professor John Louth presents his analysis of the condition of technologies for UK defence and discusses the policy options open to government.

Speaker Biography

Professor John Louth is Senior Research Fellow and Director for Defence, Industries and Society at RUSI. 

He served as an officer in the RAF for sixteen years before working as a consultant and programme director extensively throughout the defence and energy sectors, employed in both the BMT Group and QinetiQ. 

His work has included the audit and governance of the UK strategic deterrent, the implementation of risk-based governance regimes into energy businesses, UK Ministry of Defence and industry partnering initiatives, especially within the air domain, and the development of chemical, biological and radiological protection and responses. 

He spent part of his career in the Middle East running separate national programmes to develop commercial and defence capabilities across a number of Gulf states.

Dr Louth has also worked as a senior adviser to the European Defence Agency on the development of pan-European procurement policies and practices.

He teaches at Roehampton University Business School in London and is also a specialist adviser to the House of Commons Defence Select Committee.

John's work is published across a broad spectrum of outlets and he is a regular commentator on the BBC, ITN, Sky News and Al Jazeera networks. 

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