Days of the Fall: A Reporter's Journey in the Syria and Iraq Wars

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Over the past five years, Dr Jonathan Spyer has spent time in Aleppo, Baghdad, Damascus, Mosul, Idlib, Hasaka and other frontline areas. He witnessed some of the most dramatic events of the conflict – the rescue of the trapped Yezidis from the attempted ISIS genocide in 2014, the Assad regime’s assault on Aleppo, the rise of independent Kurdish power in north east Syria, and the emergence of the Shia militias in Iraq as a key force. Days of the Fall depicts these events, and seeks to place them within a broader framework. Dr Spyer notes the ethnic and sectarian fault-lines in both Syria and Iraq, and contends that both countries have now effectively separated along these lines, leading to the emergence of de facto fragmentation and the birth of a number of new entities.

Dr Jonathan Spyer is a fellow at the Middle East Forum and a freelance security analyst and correspondent for IHS Jane's. He is the author of Days of the Fall: A Reporter's Journey in the Syria and Iraq Wars (Routledge, 2017) and The Transforming Fire: The Rise of the Israel-Islamist Conflict (Continuum, 2010). He is also a columnist at the Jerusalem Post newspaper.

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