The Cuban Missile Crisis, 60 Years On

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A panel of RUSI experts will reflect on the Cuban missile crisis, 60 years on.

On 16 October 1962, the US and the USSR clashed when the Soviet government moved nuclear warheads to Cuba. The ensuing 13-day political and military standoff between Nikita Khrushchev and President John F Kennedy brought the world to the brink of a nuclear war.

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine rekindles the prospect of conflict on the continent of Europe, the panellists will discuss the events of 1962, how they appear to us today, and the relevance of the Cuban missile crisis for the current confrontation.

The panellists are:

  • Elaine Bunn, RUSI Senior Associate Fellow and former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for Nuclear and Missile Defence Policy
  • Dr John Walker, RUSI Senior Associate Fellow and former Head of the Arms Control and Disarmament Research Unit, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

The discussion will be moderated by Dr Ana Alecsandru, Research Fellow, Proliferation and Nuclear Policy, RUSI.

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