Chinese Private Security Corporations, another Blackwater?

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This event will examine the role of Chinese Private Security Corporations and the impact that they have on security in fragile states.

The expansion of Chinese outbound investment, aimed in part to sustain China’s increased need for natural resources, has amplified the threat to China’s enterprises and Chinese workers based on foreign soil. Fragile states that acquire Chinese technology and infrastructure, or which grant natural resource exploitation rights to Chinese State Owned Enterprises, do not have the capacity to assure adequate security on the ground.

Therefore, Chinese infrastructure and personnel could be targeted by politically motivated rebel groups, or even criminal gangs who perceive Chinese citizens as wealthy targets. Although the emergence of private security services is nothing new, the role of the Chinese Private Security Corporations (PSCs) could profoundly affect the security landscape in fragile states.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Alessandro Arduino is the co–director of the Security & Crisis Management program at the Shanghai Academy of Social Science (SASS – China) and Center for Advanced Studies on Contemporary China (CASCC – Italy). His main research interests include China’s political and defense economy, private military-security, Sino-Central Asia relations and Sovereign Wealth Funds. He is the author of several books and he has published papers and commentaries in various journals in Italian, English, Chinese and Russian languages. He has been appointed Knight of the Order of the Italian Star by the President of the Italian Republic.

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