China’s Eurasian Pivot

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To launch RUSI’s recent Whitehall Paper China’s Eurasian Pivot, The Rt Hon Mark Field MP, Minister for Asia at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, will give an introductory speech and subsequently join a conversation with Raffaello Pantucci and Sarah Lain, co-authors of the Whitehall Paper, to discuss China’s growing influence and activity across its western borders. The event will be chaired by James Kynge.

Tea & Coffee will be served from 0900 with discussion starting at 0930.


The Rt Hon Mark Field MP, Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Sarah Lain, co- author of China’s Eurasian Pivot

Raffaello Pantucci, Director of International Studies, RUSI, co- author of China’s Eurasian Pivot


James Kynge, Emerging Markets Editor, Financial Times

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