Book Launch: The Hall of Mirrors by Jim Storr

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What can we learn from war, and warfare, in the 20th century? Surprisingly, the question has not been addressed.

After the First World War, four empires ceased to exist and eight new countries were born in Europe. Following the Second World War, Japan and Germany renounced militarism and ceased to be major players on the world stage, for decades. The border of Russia moved 800km west. War is hugely important. It is not futile, although it sometimes seems so.

From the effectiveness of the allied Combined Bomber Offensive, to how victory was achieved in the Battle of the Atlantic, and in North West Europe in 1944-5, this wide ranging event will explore the unanswered questions of warfare in the twentieth century. 

'A wide ranging and thought-provoking analysis of warfare in the last century, outlining enduring and essential lessons. Reading it will make you reconsider what you thought you knew.' General Sir Rupert Smith KCB DSO OBE QGM

'A highly stimulating, thought-provoking analysis of warfare in the twentieth century...clear thinking, full of insights and never shy of controversy.' Lieutenant General Sir John Kiszely KCB MC

Jim Storr is a former Regular Army officer turned defence consultant, writer and researcher. He is the author of The Human Face of War (Continuum, 2009) and King Arthur's Wars (Helion, 2016).

The event will be followed by a drinks reception - please register to attend via the link above and for any further information please contact Sabrina Downey via

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