A Conversation with Jaffar Hagi, Deputy Speaker of Kurdistan Parliament–Iraq

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Since the referendum on Kurdish independence in September 2017 and the subsequent loss of territory to the Federal Government of Iraq, the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq has been placed in a difficult position within Iraq. 

With the increasing role played by the forces of the Popular Mobilisation Forces and the dying embers of an ISIS insurgency, the direction of Iraq is still unclear. Dr Jaffar Hagi, the Deputy Speaker of the Kurdistan Parliament of Iraq, will hold a private roundtable discussion about Kurdish politics and the state of Iraq. He will be discussing forthcoming elections, as well as the prospects for security and stability in the country.

Speaker Biography

Dr Jaffar Hagi is the Deputy Speaker of the Kurdistan Parliament of Iraq, having been elected to the position in 2014. A lawyer by background, he has spent the majority of his career in politics and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP). He has held positions including a member of PDK Central Committee, member of KDP Politburo and spokesman of the KDP. He is involved in many intellectual and political activities including educational media and gives lectures about the growth of humanities and general opinions about the political system organization and civil associations. He holds a PhD degree on the role of elections in the political stability in Iraq, from 2005-2010.


Please note that space at this event is limited.

For further details please contact Timothy Williams, TimW@rusi.org

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