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The Rt. Hon. Lord Owen CHA new book makes available for the first time recently declassified government correspondence from Lord Owen’s tenure as Foreign Secretary. Nuclear Papers gives a unique insight into the work of, and response to, the last major strategic nuclear study of the UK’s nuclear needs, which was undertaken by the administration of James Callaghan in 1978.

In his lecture, Lord Owen will tie the events of 30 years ago to the present, highlighting Barack Obama’s determination to ‘show the world that America believes in its existing commitment under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to work ultimately to eliminate all nuclear arms’. He will argue that momentum should be established towards the elimination of nuclear weapons by all five of the existing declared nuclear weapon states before the 2010 NPT Review Conference gets underway. By exploring the classified and highly sensitive debates of the past, he will attempt to rejuvenate and expand discussions of the future of the world’s nuclear weapons.

The Rt. Hon. Lord Owen CH was UK Foreign Secretary from 1977-1979. He was Leader of the Social Democratic Party from 1983-1987 and has held a number of senior international appointments. The most recent of his many books are an updated autobiography, Time to Declare: Second Innings (Methuen, 2009), In Sickness and in Power (Methuen, 2008) and The Hubris Syndrome: Bush, Blair and the Intoxication of Power (Politicos, 2007).

An optional £10 sandwich lunch shall be available from 1215.

The author will be on hand to sign copies of his book, Nuclear Papers, to be published in October 2009 by Liverpool University Press and on sale for £25.

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