Managing the Status Quo in the Taiwan Strait

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Taiwan Straits


Managing the Status Quo in the Taiwan Strait: European and American Perspectives

28th November 2006, 9-00am - 5-30 pm
RUSI, Whitehall, London

At the core of China-Taiwan cross-straits relations lies the seemingly simple concept of ‘status quo’; the maintenance of the current state of affairs within the region. This concept has become a term of reference: international headlines and political comments often use the term “status quo” as something signifying an easily identifiable equilibrium.

Increasingly this imaginary political red line which, if crossed, would provoke attack by China, is being contorted by the opposing views of these traditional adversaries but also by international forces, in particular the United States, with Europe’s role perhaps less defined and requiring further investigation.

RUSI proposes to examine the forces which impact upon the ‘status quo’ and will draw together a US, EU and Taiwanese perspective, with contributions from pre-eminent cross-straits scholars, security experts and political analysts from Taiwan, the United States and Europe.

With two years until the next Taiwanese Presidential elections, a palpable sense of urgency hangs over the Taiwan Strait. The time is ripe to discuss the nature and dynamics of this region, and the forces which directly affect cross-straits stability, in particular the ability of the United States to exert its leverage over the debate.

RUSI will be discussing the following themes:

  • Understanding status quo in the Taiwan Strait: perception and reality
  • Status quo policy: European and American perspectives
  • The changing status quo in the Taiwan Strait
  • Transatlantic cooperation and trilateral understanding: managing the status quo

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Chris Holtby, European Council Policy Unit, Asia Task Force
  • Jan Willem Blankert, The EU Commission
  • Dr David Huang, Academia Sinica
  • Professor June Teufel Dreyer, University of Miami
  • John J. Tkacik, Jr. Senior Research Fellow, The Heritage Foundation
  • Dr Steve Tsang, Oxford University
  • Lin, Wen-Cheng, Dean of the School of Social Sciences, National Sun Yet-Sen University
  • Mr. Yang Chin-Tien,  Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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