Lessons from Iraq and Lebanon: Challenges for the Western Alliance

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Dr Ariel Cohen

Lessons from Iraq and Lebanon: Challenges for the Western Alliance

17 September 2007

RUSI, Whitehall, London

A lack of proper preparation and an underestimation of the resources required on the ground placed military interventions in Iraq (2003) and Lebanon (2006) on unsteady footings. Both conflicts provide startling evidence of both US and Israeli, and their civilian and military establishments, failing to recognise the cultural geography and political realities on the ground which undermined the effectiveness of policy.

According to Dr Ariel Cohen, Senior Research Fellow at the US-based Heritage Foundation, these two conflicts demonstrate vital lessons in what can go wrong when policy-makers use dated assessment processes to gauge developing situations.

In this Transatlantic Forum, Dr Cohen will dissect the conflicts in Lebanon and Iraq, arguing that those who do not learn from battles in the past are doomed to lose wars in the future.

An optional £6 sandwich lunch will be served from 1215.

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