Japan’s Security Policy: A Proactive Contribution to Peace Based on the Principle of International Co-operation

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A lecture by Vice Admiral Toshiyuki Ito, Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force, Commandant, Joint Staff College, Ministry of Defence Japan.Vice Admiral Ito

Prime Minsiter Abe’s agenda has put Japan at the front of the international community regarding the changing face of Asia – particularly at sea, where a single misunderstood incident could exacerbate the deteriorating regional situation. China’s rise, her actions and her rhetoric, seen against the backdrop of geo-political tension, place the region on a what can appear to be a knife edge of conflict. Japan’s new security policy aims to promote peace and stability based on the principles of international co-operation rather than militarisation, and yet there is reinvigorated military power behind the dialogue. As a very senior representative of the Japanese Ministry of Defence, Vice-Admiral Ito will deliver an assessment of that policy against the changing background of the eastern Pacific.

Vice Admiral Ito graduated in March 1981, received his commission and completed the mechanical engineering course as a graduate of the 25th class from National Defense Academy. He earned a Master of Arts Degree in International Area Studies from the University of Tsukuba. Vice Admiral Ito is currently serving as Joint Staff College Commandant in Tokyo, being responsible for providing education, training, research, and outreach to Self-Defense Force senior officers of the joint operation expertise as well as international peacekeeping cooperation activities. Prior to assuming his current position in August 2013, Vice Admiral Ito was the Superintendent of Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) Second Service School in Yokosuka Naval Base, where the school focuses on engineering, intelligence, and foreign language education to commissioned and non-commissioned officers of JMSDF.

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