Israel and Syria: The Second Track

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The relationship between Israel and Syria is of pivotal importance for the geo-politics of the Middle East today.  Analysts are concerned about the potential of armed confrontation between the two states.  Against this backdrop, diplomacy runs its complex course with repeated mentions of the possibility for peace.  If achievable, this elusive peace would not only transform the troubled relationship between the two states, but perhaps more importantly, potentially catalyse even greater changes to the regional dynamics of the Middle East as a whole.

This RUSI Middle East Forum event offers a unique opportunity to hear about the Syrian-Israeli relationship from the top track-two unofficial negotiators themselves, Dr Alon Liel and Dr Ibrahim Suleiman.

Dr Liel and Dr Suleiman will provide an illustration of the framework for peace that emerged from the track-two negotiations they led, as well as their own wider assessments about the Syrian-Israeli relationship today.

About the Speakers

Dr. Alon Liel is a Senior Israeli politician and diplomat, whose long and distinguished career has included the post of Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chairmanship of the Labor party, as well as several Ambassadorial postings.

Dr. Ibrahim Suleiman is a Syrian-American Businessman and former academic who led the high-level unofficial negotiations towards a settlement with Israel on behalf of Syria.

From 2004 until 2006, Dr Suleiman participated in unofficial talks with Dr Liel.  Eight rounds of dialogue, held under Swiss auspices in Bern, culminated in an unofficial blueprint for an Israeli-Syrian peace agreement.  Suleiman recently appeared before the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee alongside Liel, as the two gave a landmark briefing to committee members on the secret, unofficial talks they conducted, and on the understandings they reached for a peace agreement between Israel and Syria.

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