Iran and the MENA - Shaping Conflict and Solutions?

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 Dai Havard MP, Chair of the APPG Defence and Diplomacy in Middle East and North Africa Group,

invites you to:

"Iran and the MENA - Shaping Conflict and Solutions?"

Professor Malcolm Chalmers, Research Director, RUSI

Tuesday 11 December at 1730

Committee Room 21, House of Commons

What is Iran's Role and Influence in the MENA?

What the impact and implications of Iranian nuclear programmes on the broader Middle East region?

By early December events in the MENA will have matured and Regional players compelled by events to continue to re-order.

How will Iran respond and how will the countries and organisations of the Region and international community respond?

Come and hear from one of the leading researchers and commentators and debate the responses predicted, desired and required.

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