What makes a crime-terror nexus? Evidence from 11 EU countries

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RUSI is pleased to be hosting GLOBSEC, a leading global think tank based in Bratislava, for this invitation only round table where they will present their latest research on the crime-terror nexus. 

GLOBSEC has assembled a database of 350 individuals either arrested for terrorism offences, fugitives from justice, or attackers who died while staging terrorist attacks during 2015, a peak year of jihadism in Europe. The team investigated the criminal pasts of these individuals and collected data on radicalisation, foreign fighting experience and financing of activities to establish commonalities and differences amongst the European jihadis.

Their study looks at individual cases from 11 EU countries and dissects specific parts of their lives to offer a closer look on the connections between the worlds of crime and terror and how certain individuals move back and forth between them.

GLOBSEC will present the findings of their project, followed by a roundtable discussion.


  • Kacper Rekawek, Head of Defence and Security Programme, GLOBSEC
  • Florence Keen, Research Fellow, RUSI’s Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies

The workshop will commence at 10:00 and will be followed by a sandwich lunch at 12:00.

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