Virtual Currencies and the Future of Money Laundering

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As part of RUSI’s Strategic Hub for Organised Crime Research workshop series, this event will examine the potential impact of virtual currencies and Fintech platforms on the future of money laundering techniques. 

The payments landscape is arguably facing a period of unprecedented change as the use of cash declines and alternative forms of payment such as crypto-currencies and Fintech platforms advance rapidly. As money-laundering methods evolve to make use of new technologies (often in conjunction with more traditional methods such as cash smuggling and the purchase of high value goods), how should anti-money laundering (AML) efforts be adjusted in order to remain effective?

Bringing together representatives from government, law enforcement and academia, this workshop aims to identify where future research should focus in order to assist law enforcement in responding to this changing threat landscape. The first session will outline the problem as observed from both a practitioner and academic perspective. In the second session, discussions will focus on possible responses to new money laundering methods that rely on financial innovation, specifically aiming to identify topics for future research.

Speakers will include: 

  • Cathy Haenlein, Chair of RUSI’s Strategic Hub for Organised Crime Research
  • Russell Clarke, SO Intelligence Analyst, HM Revenue & Customs
  • Philip Larratt, Senior Officer, National Cyber Crime Unit, National Crime Agency
  • Tom Robinson, Chief Data Officer and Co-Founder,Elliptic
  • David Wall, Centre for Criminal Justice Studies, University of Leeds (tbc)

The discussion will be chaired by Tom Keatinge, Director of RUSI’s Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies. 

This event is by invitation only. For more information please contact Lieke Bos at

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