Urban Warfare: Past, Present, Future

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This conference examined the past, present and the future of urban conflict.

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The exceptional speaker panel, mixing historians, analysts and practitioners demonstrated those continuities in the challenges posed by such battles, and how both global trends and the changing character of conflict will continue to evolve the operational demands placed on armed forces.

The consensus on increasing population densities and future urbanisation trends demand that urban operations receive more attention in the design of future forces than currently afforded. Furthermore, recent experiences in cities across Iraq, Syria and Ukraine have signalled a stark contrast to what some Western military planners imagine; wholesale devastation or large urban conurbations and the need to both systematically clear and indefinitely hold them is challenging the traditional concepts of manoeuvre, precision targeting, humanitarianism and the binary battle space.

Speakers include:

Sir Antony Beevor, Military Historian

Dr Russell Glenn, Director - Plans and Policy, US Army Training and Doctrine Command

Dr Frank Hoffman, Distinguished Research Fellow - Center for Strategic Research, National Defence University

Dr David Kilcullen, Senior Fellow - Future War Program, New America Foundation

Professor Peter Mansoor, General Raymond E. Mason, Chair of Military History, Ohio State University

Brigadier Zac Stenning, Commander, 1 Strike Brigade, British Army

Major General Chris Tickell, Director Army Capability, British Army

Major General Tyrone Urch, President, Institution of Royal Engineers


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