Understanding the Cyber Threat Landscape

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This RUSI Under 35 Forum event explored the geopolitics of cyber attacks, with speakers including Taavi Rõivas, former Prime Minister of Estonia

Russia, China and Iran have all been blamed for various hacking attacks against the USA and the west. However, these accusations tend to either be very generic (It was Russia!) or very specific (it was APT 28!). Whilst in the case of the attacks against the US Democratic National Committee the finger was clearly pointed at President Putin there is generally a gap in understanding who within states is both conducting and driving such activity and to what political ends.

This meeting explored, what might be called, the geopolitics or geostrategy of the cyber threat focusing primarily at this time on those emanating from Russia and Eastern Europe.

The event was chaired by Ewan Lawson, Senior Research Fellow at RUSI, and with a panel discussion from Taavi Rõivas, former Prime Minister of Estonia; Louise Taggart from PWC; and Sarah Lain from RUSI.

Speaker Biography

Taavi Rõivas, the former Prime Minister of Estonia, is a strong supporter of a united Europe, advocate of market liberalism and security policies. He is a tech savvy enthusiast of innovative solutions and has a first hand experience on how to govern a digital society as Estonia has become one of the most wired countries on Earth, a global leader in e-government and has one of the highest number of start-ups per capita.

Taavi Rõivas joined the Reform Party in 1998 and became the leader of the party in 2014. He led his party to the 2015 Parliamentary Elections, which the Reform Party won. Before his term as the Prime Minister, Rõivas was the Minister of Social Affairs from 2012 to 2014. Preceding the ministerial position, in his five years in Parliament, Rõivas served as chairman of the Finance Committee and the European Affairs Committee. Taavi Rõivas grew up in Tallinn, graduated from University of Tartu, where he studied international economics and marketing.

The event will start at 1830 at RUSI, 61 Whitehall and refreshments will be available.

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