The State of Europe: Debating an Identity Crisis?

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The refugee crisis, instability in the East, and the rise of far right and left parties has triggered division and anxiety in Europe. The present dissaray and the inability of the community of nations to work collectively to resolve these issues has emphasised the failings of the 'European idea' embodied by the European Union.

Hosted by the Under 35s Forum but open to all, this event will allow for careful reflection on the current security and humanitarian challenges Europe is facing and how these affect and transform our understanding of the European historical memory, political identity, and its place in the world.

Our panel includes:

  • Mark Leonard, Director, European Council on Foreign Relations
  • Maria Margaronis, Contributing Editor, The Nation
  • Professor Maurice Fraser, Head of the LSE European Institute, LSE
  • Gavin Hewitt, Chief Correspondent, Former Europe Editor, BBC

To reigster for this event please click the 'Book your place' button above. Please contact Hannah Croft, Under 35s Chair, with any questions.

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