Swiss-UK Dialogue: Promoting a Coordinated Response to De-Risking

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Given that the nature and impact of ‘de-risking’ are generally well-recognised, this event will focus on solutions. This includes a review of the implementation and effectiveness of existing measures, such as guidance issued by international standard-setters, licensing regimes for non-profit organisations and capacity-building. Participants will also identify any additional initiatives, in particular based on new technologies, that may complement existing efforts.

Speakers include:

  • Ambassador Alexandre Fasel, Ambassador of Switzerland to the UK
  • Ben Joakim, Founder & CEO, Disberse
  • Ambassador Alexander Karrer, Deputy State Secretary for International Finance, Swiss Federal Department of Finance; Chair, Correspondent Banking Coordination Group, Financial Stability Board
  • Tracy Paradise, Head of AML Strategy and Architecture, HSBC
  • Rachel Turner, Director, Department for International Development
  • Lia van Broekhoven, Executive Director, Human Security Collective.

For any inquiries, please contact Olivier Kraft.

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