Sweden’s Total Defence 2020 Exercise: Presentation of Preliminary Outcomes

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An exclusive briefing by the leaders and chief evaluators of Sweden’s Total Defence 2020 exercise.

This summer Sweden is concluding Total Defence 2020, its first total defence exercise in more than three decades. The national exercise, which began in the autumn of 2019, is led by the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and includes participation by the armed forces and the wider government (national, regional and local level, both government departments and agencies), the private sector and volunteer organisations. In total, the exercise involves more than 400 entities. Its mission is to exercise the defence of the civilian population, the protection of vital functions and the defence against armed attacks.

As total defence exercises remain extremely unusual, Total Defence 2020 yields valuable lessons not just for Sweden but for its partners as well. In this exclusive briefing – the first since the conclusion of some of the exercise’s main elements – the exercise’s planning leaders and chief evaluators will present its components and preliminary outcomes.


Ms Anna Karphammar, Co-Chair Exercise Planning Group, Swedish Civil Contingency Agency

Colonel Mikael Johnsson, Co-Chair Exercise Planning Group, Swedish Armed Forces

Mr Nils Svartz, Co-Chair Exercise Evaluation, Swedish Civil Contingency Agency

Major General (ret) Mats Engman, Co-Chair Exercise Evaluation, Swedish Armed Forces

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