RUSI Integrating Information Manoeuvre Conference

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On 10 March 2020 the RUSI Integrating Information Manoeuvre Conference will bring together leading members of defence, government, allied nations and other partners to explore the concepts underpinning the physical and virtual information space. 

This information space has become the prominent area and medium for competition. The substantial erosion of the rules-based international system has created new and evolving implicit rules of competition, and the prospect of outright victory has given way to a constant state of ‘durable disorder’. Yet while this complex and unstable information space is difficult to manage, it also presents a transformational opportunity if bold measures are taken to update, realign and coordinate the levers of government power to address this challenge.

A Whole-of-Government Approach is essential for the UK to remain competitive in the information space. The UK has committed to restoring a strategic and coordinated approach to how the UK employs its various departments, capabilities and resources. Defence is having to evolve to continue to deliver relevant and timely options for policymakers and the British Army is increasingly being called upon to pro-actively operate within the information space below the threshold of armed conflict. The formation of 6 (UK) Division demonstrates the British Army’s firm commitment to delivering Information Manoeuvre, as part of the Army’s contribution to Information Advantage.

Through persistent engagement in the competitive space, the British Army can understand the physical and virtual environment, and conduct Information Manoeuvre operations to ensure that the right information, reaches the right people, at the right time, to enable the UK Government to deliver unified policies. Engaging in the virtual space will provide new opportunities and greater situational awareness, while persistent engagement through establishing a physical forward presence and building enduring relationships on the ground provides a platform and network into which the wider government can integrate to protect British interests.

The concept of operations for achieving Information Manoeuvre remains fluid, and the conference will therefore be at an opportunity for stakeholders across the wider UK government to refine their thinking about how to shape and mutually support UK Government outcomes. The conference will involve four panels and a keynote speech that will address:

  • The Dynamics of Competition in the Information Age
  • The Role of Knowledge Transfer and Information Manoeuvre
  • Information as a Force Multiplier
  • Information Manoeuvre’s place within the orchestration of strategic effects

The conference will take place at the Royal United Services Institute on 61 Whitehall.

This event is now at capacity;  further expressions of interest may be added to a waiting listFor further details, please email Nick Reynolds,

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