Royal Navy / RUSI Digital Seminar: The Role of the Navy in National Resilience

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Contemporary events have underscored the importance of delivering national resilience as a key mission for militaries.

The immediate ramifications of unforeseen disruptions as well as their second order effects with regards to trade and global stability will require navies to coordinate with civilian and non-governmental agencies to deliver a whole of government response that integrates the niche capabilities of navies and their partner organizations. The objective of this seminar will be to articulate the Royal Navy's vision for its future role in this context, and to inform the development of this role moving forward. The seminar will address the question of which areas the navy can add greatest value in, what this entails for naval planning and force structuring and the ways in which relationships across government and society can be established and managed to deliver a force multiplying effect in the face of non-traditional security threats.

The speakers for this event include:

  • Professor Geoffrey Till - Dudley Knox Chair for Naval History and Strategy, U.S Naval War College
  • Dr Sebastian Bruns Head - The Center of Maritime Strategy and Security Institute for Security Policy Uiversity of Kiel
  • General Gwyn Jenkins - Assistant Chief of Naval Staff

This event is chaired by Professor Malcolm Charlmers, Deputy Director General, Head of Research, RUSI


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