Roundtable on HMG responses to illicit financial flows in South Sudan

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Since gaining its independence in 2011, South Sudan has been plagued by systematic misuse of state resources by government elite. 

International actors are critical partners in ending the movement of illicit financial flows through and out of South Sudan. South Sudan is estimated to have lost $6.8 billion in illicit financial flows since 2012, due in large part to weak state institutions, regulatory failure, and corruption within high-ranking military officers.

RUSI, together with the FCO and DfID, are hosting a private roundtable with representatives from across the UK government, key international allies, and experts in illicit financial flows and South Sudan to better understand how South Sudan could be a test case for UK work with allied states and partners on tackling illicit financial flows, and to inspire further cross-Whitehall action on this issue.

This will be a chance to work towards a common goal of ending these illicit flows, and specifically to:

  • Understand how illicit financial flows are driving the conflict in South Sudan, what work has been done so far, and what more could be done to have impact on South Sudan
  • Identify cross-Whitehall HMG work to tackle illicit financial flows, inter-linkages with other key objectives (including conflict prevention/resolution; women peace and security; preventing sexual violence in conflict) and opportunities for the UK to work with allies to demonstrate global leadership on this issue
  • Determine specific opportunities for the UK to progress this work by working together cross-government and with international partners to take action on illicit financial flows in South Sudan

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