Reading the Small Print: The Future of Additive Manufacturing in Defence

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The Under 35s Forum is delighted to host this upcoming event on the role of 3D printing in defence, bringing expertise from the defence industries and academia to share insight and reflect on some of the key debates on this technology.

The ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ was a topic that featured prominently at the World Economic Forum in Davos this year. In particular, additive manufacturing, otherwise known as 3D printing, was lauded as a major component of technological innovation, particularly in areas such as health, pharmaceuticals and associated product development. However, the role of 3D printing in the defence and security space is uncertain, and pertinent ethical, legal and financial questions remain largely unanswered as technologists begin to develop this capability.

The permutation of technology into our physical, biological and virtual worlds presents us with profound opportunities and risks, and, as with past major technological shifts, the defence and security space will play a crucial role in the direction of this ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. From AI to bio-technology, the face of defence thought and practice will experience dramatic changes as such technologies begin to play more of a key role in society.

3D printing has already generated a great deal of discussion in the public, for both positive and negative reasons, but its technology and potential impact is not yet fully understood. For emerging specialists in the defence and security field, it is vital to begin engaging with this technology, and consider the implications of its use on a domestic and international stage.

Speakers will include:

Professor David Galbreath, Professor of International Security, University of Bath

Matt Stevens CEng MIMechE, Additive Manufacturing Development Lead, BAE Systems – Military Air & Information

Michael Christie, Strategy Director and Chief Technologist, Military Air and Information, BAE Systems

Additional speakers to be announced.

For any questions, please contact Hannah Croft, Under 35s Chair, at

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