POSTPONED Rogue Trading: Why Illicit and Illegal Trading is a Major Security Issue

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Many people who consider themselves law-abiding citizens do not see a problem with buying things that are traded illicitly, from pirated intellectual property to counterfeit fashion goods. The illicit trade in counterfeit and smuggled goods is perceived by some of its customers as a ‘victimless’ crime, and one that doesn’t really matter.

However, illicit trade matters a great deal. It deprives the global economy of billions in tax revenue; it is often carried out by organised crime groups; it creates facilitation networks which can then be used to trade drugs, guns and people. 

RUSI is at the forefront of research into illegal wildlife trade and illicit trade in tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceuticals. In this briefing, RUSI’s researchers working on organised crime will discuss their most recent research, explain how illegal/illicit trade works, and why it threatens national and international security. The briefing will discuss under-appreciated systemic vulnerabilities, including the network of Free Trade Zones (FTZs) that facilitate global trade but also enable illicit trade, sanctions evasion and money laundering.

Confirmed contributors include:

Dr Andrew Glazzard, Director, National Security and Resilience Studies, RUSI

Cathy Haenlein, Research Fellow, National Security and Resilience, RUSI

Tom Keatinge, Director of the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies, RUSI

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Tea, coffee and pastries will be available from 0830.

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