JUEST Network Launch: Towards a Comprehensive UK-EU Security Treaty

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The Network encourages multidisciplinary research and engagement to influence, irrespective of the course Brexit takes, the future development of strong and sustainable EU–UK security and criminal justice cooperation.

The event will bring together around 30 academics, parliamentarians and public officials with the aim of establishing what policymakers need from the academic community, and what the academic community can offer to policymakers during the treaty drafting process. The focus will be on elements of the treaty covering cross-border security arrangements, exchange of information and operational cooperation to combat transnational organised crime. However, discussion will also extend to defence cooperation, among other topics.

This invitation-only event will be split across three sessions, with the first two sessions open to parliamentarians, academics and public officials and the third session reserved for academics only. This final session will be an opportunity to reflect on what has been learnt and to discuss avenues for future collaborative research.

Please note that this event is by invitation only. To download the latest agenda, click here.

For more information, please contact shoc@rusi.org.

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