Israel, Iran and Russia: where to next in the Middle East

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At this event Brig.-Gen Herzog will discuss Israeli strategy vis-à-vis Iran in Syria, the role of Iran in the region, as well as how the winding down of the Syrian civil war is resulting in new strategies being drawn by Russia, Iran and Israel as they look to secure their national interests in a post-civil war context. He will also take questions regarding IDF military preparedness, the likelihood of an escalation of violence in the West Bank and Gaza and US Middle East policy.

Speaker Biography

Brig.-Gen. (Res.) Michael Herzog served as head of the Strategic Planning Division of the Israel Defence Forces and worked with four defence ministers as senior military aide and advisor, and as chief of staff. From June 2009 to March 2010, he served as special emissary for Israel’s prime minister and minister of defence in efforts to relaunch the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Since 2000, Herzog has participated in all of Israel’s negotiations with the Palestinians, Jordanians and Syrians, whilst serving in senior positions in the IDF and in Israel’s ministry of defence. As well as being a Senior Visiting Fellow at BICOM, he is an international fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

BICOM is a think tank focusing on Israel and the Middle East.  

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