Iraq’s Future: The Role of the Sunnis in Rebuilding after the Defeat of Daesh

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This roundtable discussion will focus on Iraq’s Sunni communities, how they see their future in Iraq following the military defeat of Daesh and the crisis surrounding the Kurdish independence referendum.

In the wake of the military defeat of Daesh, restoring order and building lasting stability in the country’s Sunni-majority areas are key challenges in preventing the resurrection of Daesh, Al-Qaeda or other extremist groups. Improving governance, providing economic opportunities, and addressing the relationship of Sunni communities to the central Iraqi government in Baghdad are high on the agenda as Iraq is preparing for upcoming parliamentary elections.


  • Sheikh Khames Al-Khanjar, Secretary General of the Arab Project in Iraq which is a political party participating in the upcoming elections.
  • Dr. Dhafer Al-A’ni, Member of the Iraqi Parliament.
  • Dr. Yahya Al-Kubaisy, Expert in Iraqi affairs.
  • Michael Stephens, Chair, RUSI Research Fellow for Middle East Studies, Head of RUSI Qatar

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