Illicit Cigarette Consumption in the EU, UK, Norway and Switzerland

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At this webinar KPMG will present the latest findings of their 2019 report “Illicit cigarette consumption in the EU, UK, Norway and Switzerland*”.  

The illicit cigarette trade does not respect borders nor laws, and affects different countries and regions alike around the world. The European Union is no exception. For the past 14 years, KPMG has been studying the illicit cigarette consumption in the EU, shedding light on contraband and counterfeiting trends, as well as the countries of origin and the smuggling routes of the illegal cigarettes.

Featured guest: Howard Pugh, Europol’s Senior Specialist - Analytical Project Smoke, Senior Specialist - Team Leader - Fraud Unit (O24) Serious and Organised Crime Business Area Operations Department.

Speaker Biography

Howard Pugh is an experienced criminal investigator and law enforcement professional, having worked in the UK and international criminal investigation and intelligence environments for over 25 years. He is a Senior Specialist in the European Financial and Economic Crime Centre (EFECC) at Europol. Howard leads and manages Europol’s excise fraud team called Analytical Project Smoke. This unit of analysts and specialists provides analytical and operational support to law enforcement agencies to combat organised crime groups. Howard is an acknowledged excise fraud specialist, and his skills and experience have been used to provided training and advice to the following organisations; RUSI, KPMG, CEPOL, Interpol, Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice, and the Research Centre on Transnational Crime.

*KPMG report commissioned by PMPSA

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