GIFCT Expert Workshop “Mapping the Jihadist information ecosystem: Towards the 3rd Generation of Disruption Capability”

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This workshop is part of a project funded through the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism. 

The project, 'Mapping the Jihadist information ecosystem: Towards the 3rd Generation of Disruption Capability', will produce a network map of the traffic between the online platforms and websites jihadists use to construct their information ecosystem. Through an analysis of this network, it will explore how practitioners could develop a third-generation of techniques that focus on future strategic disruption. This third-generation approach is likely to be based on a combination of suspension techniques with tactical approaches of searching for and removing individual pieces of content with the aim to disrupt this information ecosystem and the ‘Swarmcast’.

The first phase of the project will result in a policy brief outlining the nature of the ecosystem exploited by jihadist groups, the roles different platforms play within the information ecosystem and the challenges this creates for individual platforms in interdicting the abuse of their platforms.

The policy brief will be authored by Dr Ali Fisher and Dr Nico Prucha from Human Cognition and Emily Winterbotham and Michael Jones from the Royal United Services Institute. A draft of this policy brief and other research findings will be presented and discussed at the workshop and inputs from the discussions will be used to supplement the work that has already been done.

For more information please contact Allana Howard,

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