Expert Judgement Workshop: Long-Range Precision Strike and Strategic Stability in Europe

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The day-long event will bring together European and US experts to gather perspectives on long-range, precision conventional weapons, focusing on their role in strategic stability and alliance relations.

Under its grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, RUSI’s Proliferation and Nuclear Policy Programme will be hosting a closed workshop to continue its research on how advances in the conventional military capabilities of non-nuclear states could affect nuclear crisis stability and alliance dynamics.

This event is part of a larger series organized by RUSI and the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) under the sponsorship of the Carnegie Corporation of New York. The overall project is studying the role of long-range, precision conventional weapons among allies of the United States in Asia and Europe. These advanced weapons could increasingly allow such states to target command and control assets - or even the leadership - of a nuclear-armed adversary, thereby allowing the non-nuclear state to escalate a crisis independently of its nuclear-armed ally. This grant is part of a wider portfolio aimed at understanding the potential for increased nuclear risks associated with the emergence of novel technologies in a volatile world.

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