Defence Industry in Northern Ireland: Leveraging Untapped Potential

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A discussion of RUSI’s Defence, Industries and Society research group’s latest paper on defence industrial activity in Northern Ireland.

Regional defence procurement is a key tool in supporting the UK government’s policy on the Union and in ‘levelling up’ development disparities. Northern Ireland has a number of industrial actors with great defence potential, but they need to be better integrated into the defence and security ecosystem of the UK.

This latest paper illustrates the activities of the main defence players in the region and explains the value of exploiting this potential for the achievement of the government’s objectives, such as levelling up and delivering social value through defence procurement.

The event will be a closed-door gathering and will be an occasion for the people involved to discuss the findings of the paper, as well as the opportunities and challenges for industrial actors in the region.


  • Trevor Taylor, Director of Defence, Industries and Society Programme, RUSI
  • Sir Michael Ryan, Vice President and General Manager, Spirit AeroSystems UK
  • Gavin Robinson MP, Shadow DUP Spokesperson (Home Affairs) and Shadow DUP Spokesperson (Defence)
  • Tobias Ellwood MP, Chair of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee

Chair: Samira Braund, CEO, UK Defence Solutions Centre

How to attend

Attendance at this event is by invitation only. If you have any questions, please email Sabrina Downey, Events Director, at

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