Cyber Crime – The Challenges for UK Business

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Cyber criminals are broadening their efforts and expanding their strategic modus operandi to achieve higher value pay-outs from UK citizens, organisations and institutions. Even when key individuals responsible for the most damaging cyber criminal activities against the UK are identified, it is often difficult for the UK and international law enforcement agencies to prosecute them when they are located in jurisdictions with limited, or no, extradition arrangements.

These barriers put even more focus on the cyber risk management strategies of businesses and increased public-private colloaboration to share intelligence, mitigate threats, respond to incidents and introduce protective measures. Cyber security is not only a technical challenge, it involves people and processes.  

The first session will explore different elements of the cyber crime community, with speakers from the private sector and government. The second session will consist of a series of group discussions focusing on these areas, specifically aiming to identify recommendations on how to better work together to combat this threat.

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