Corruption and Finance in the UK: A Reality Check

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Time and again the UK finds itself at the centre of money laundering and corruption scandals, most recently highlighted by the Russia Report. But how dire is the situation, really?

Just four years after David Cameron’s vow to drive out corruption, the UK remains a destination of choice for money launderers across the globe. The Russia Report raised valid questions about the UK’s seemingly lax anti-corruption and illicit finance efforts and the urgent policy gaps that persist. But is it all bad news? This panel aims to take stock of the UK’s efforts to crack down on illicit finance over the long term - the success and pitfalls along the way and a reality check of where to go from here. In a post-Brexit era, with the presidency of the G7 ahead in 2021 and the possibility of change in the White House, can the UK reclaim its role as the leader in the global fight against corruption?


Elizabeth David-Barrett, Professor of Governance and Integrity (Politics), University of Sussex

Rachel Davies Teka, Head of Advocacy, Transparency International UK

Tom Keatinge, Director of RUSI’s Centre for Financial Crime & Security Studies

Phil Mason OBE, Anti-Corruption Specialist; Formerly with DFID’s Anti-Corruption Policy Unit

This event will be chaired by Oliver Bullough, Author of Moneyland: Why Thieves and Crooks Now Rule the World and How to Take it Back

For background reading, CFCS Director Tom Keatinge’s paper on why finance needs to be included in the integrated review may be of interest, as well as Phil Mason’s series for the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre.

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